Sunday, September 16, 2012

About this blog...

As you may have heard, I am planning to live and study at a Buddhist monastery for some indefinite amount of time starting mid-October, 2012.

I will be quitting my job of 5 years, giving away or selling most of my belongings, and staying as a lay resident at what most likely will be a monastery in northern California. I am going with the intention of being a lay resident and exploring the possibility monastic life. At this moment, it's not clear to me whether or not I will become a monk, or just spend a significant amount of time studying as a lay resident.

Over the last year or so, I have been talking to many of my family and friends about my intentions. Thankfully, almost everybody I spoke with expressed a lot of enthusiasm and support. Many of them were also really curious and wanted to know what life would be like for me. After reflecting on this, I decided to write a blog about my upcoming experiences. So this post is the first of several entries detailing my experiences over the coming months (or years).

I will also be writing a few introductory entries to give readers, especially those who I have not spoken with in a long time, some background on my motivations and interests for doing this.

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Until then...

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